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Hello World #13

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How has computing education changed over the last few months? And how will the coronavirus pandemic affect education in the long term?

For this issue of Hello World, we spoke to educators in the UK, the USA, and India, and we share their experiences of teaching during the pandemic. We have features and opinion pieces on how to manage screen time, safeguarding in online lessons, and how the education landscape is shifting at an unprecedented rate.

We have also collected together some of the best free resources for online learning, as well as some fantastic activities for you to try.

Also in this issue:

  • Katharine Birbalsingh: the formidable head teacher tells us why strong behaviour management is more important now than ever
  • Debugging in Scratch: find out how to turn common stumbling blocks into learning experiences
  • Unplugged activities at preschool: three researchers share their findings from an exciting pilot study
  • Boolean algebra: a new app from Swansea University guides learners through a topic that is often considered tricky

And much more.