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Hello World #21

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How are you preparing young children for a digital world? This is the question this primary-teaching themed issue explores, with inspiration, ideas, and advice for the elementary classroom. It is vital that children have a solid foundation of digital literacy skills and conceptual computing understanding and knowledge upon which to build as they grow. Technology is here to stay and we need to be preparing our youngest learners for jobs and circumstances that don’t yet exist.

We explore cross-curricular project ideas to keep young learners engaged, perfecting typing skills, and using picture books to introduce programming concepts to children. Our writers also offer toolkits for new and experienced computing primary teachers and delve into different approaches to inculcating a sense of belonging from the very start of a child’s educational journey.

Also in this issue:

  • The educational benefits of game jams

  • Introducing agile methodologies to the classroom

  • Exploring the programming strengths of dyslexic learners

And much more!