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Hello World #22

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Recent developments in artificial intelligence are changing how the world sees computing and challenging computing educators to rethink their approach to teaching. In this issue of Hello World, we tackle the big questions about AI and computing education, such as what AI literacy is and how we teach it. Our writers explore a range of topics including gender bias in AI and what we can do about it; how to speak to young children about AI; and why anthropomorphism hinders learners' understanding of AI. Our feature articles also include a research digest on AI ethics for children, and of course practical examples of how you can incorporate AI lessons in your classroom. 

AI is a topic we’ve addressed before in Hello World, and we'll keep covering this rapidly evolving field in future. Hello World issue 22 is a comprehensive snapshot of the current landscape of AI education.

 Also in this issue:

  • Vocational training for young people
  • Making the most of online educator training
  • News about BBC micro:bit

 And much, much more.